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about us


      Born from a combination of Architects and Engineers with the same idea that recognizes the standard safety of house users, buildings and think that they will be able to bring knowledge, skills from their experience in working in the construction industry. Real estate development come to raise the safety standards of houses and buildings through professional engineering and building inspectors. To be a part of driving all sectors to realize the importance of inspecting, maintaining and buildings maintaining in accordance with the law according to the ministerial regulations, There will be inspections in 6 main topics as follows:

  • 1. The stability of the building
    2. Safety of residents or visitors using the building
    3. Indoor fire prevention and suppression
    4. Public health and environmental conservation such as air ventilation determination of effluent or water waste from the building must go through a system to treat it to be clean wate before discharging into public drainage channels, etc.
    5. Traffic facilitation such as, certain types of buildings must provide parking spaces. To prevent cars from having to park on the roadside, which may obstruct traffic, etc.
    6. Architecture, beauty, orderliness of the country

about us

We are a team of Engineers, Architects and building inspectors that has license for professional practice, juristic person type awarded by council of Engineer, registered number Nor. Tor. 1868/64 with Architectural license Juristic person type awarded by council of Architects, registration number Nor.036-65 with Building Inspection certificate, juristic person type awarded by department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, registered number Nor. 0329/2564.Our clients can rely on standard of quality control of Engineering and Architectural inspection. Our team consists of senior Civil Engineers, Professional Civil Engineer, Professional environmental Engineer, Professiona Electrical Engineer, Professional Mechanical Engineer, Professional Architect and building inspectors.


License to be a juristic person providing crane testing service from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare No. 0601-03-2565-0148


One stop service operating in construction and real estate.